Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Federal Employee Appreciation Days

At the "Community Sequestration Update" that was held a few weeks ago, Bob McMahon, President and CEO of the 21st Century Partnership, strongly encouraged communities to publicly show support of how much our government and military employees mean to us. He recommended that each and every business make every Thursday in April "Federal Employee Appreciation Day", and offer a discount or special deal on those days. I am happy to see one local business, Olympia Skate Center in Warner Robins, taking it to a higher level, offering a 1/2 price admission discount, not only once a week in April, but every day for six months! Kudos to Olympia----I hope to see this catch on in our community, as well as other communities across the country that are being impacted by the sequestration.

If you know of other local businesses that are offering such benefits, please let me know and I will post the details on my Facebook page, “365 Things to do In Warner Robins, GA.” (

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