Monday, January 25, 2016

Dreaming Big and Leaving a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go!

Three weeks into the New Year....How are you holding up on your "Resolutions"?  I decided not to use the "R" word, and instead, am working to keep my GOALS in check.

As I sat down with my notes to plan for this week, I started by looking at what happened last week to define my focus for the upcoming week. At the beginning of the year, I decided my motivation would get momentum if  I wrote down and celebrated the good things that happen along the way to achieving the big goals. But not only do I celebrate getting to check things off on my "Ta-Da" list, but I love it when I get to be a part of someone else's celebration and leave a little sparkle along the way!

So this week, the sparkle was left......

1.  At the house I just listed.  I hired a professional home stager to come out to prepare for the home for photos.  The transformation was amazing, and my client/home owner was absolutely thrilled!  

2.  At the class I taught my fellow agents.  I had the privilege to teach some of the newer agents in my office, (as well as some of the more seasoned), about keeping business models, plans and goals at the forefront of their minds.  I love to share things I have learned over the years, but also to interact with others to brainstorm ideas.  We all need to stay open to learning from each other every day.  

3.  At the business lunch I attended with a new referring partner.  After attending a networking event week before last, I had lunch with someone I had met along with another potential referring partner in his office. Business is so much more productive when you have a strong referring partnership with those you know.

4.  At my Carolina One awards night.  Confetti, glitz, sparkle and glam was everywhere on Saturday night when my brokerage hosted its annual awards night at the Charleston Music Hall, recognizing leaders in all phases of our company, and their contributions and hard work in our industry.  A night to celebrate accomplishments of so many goals!

5.  On the football field.  I love that both teams I was pulling for to go to the Super Bowl, won!  LOTS of sparkle on those fields!

6.  At my church.  My church is in growth mode, and we just had our first contemporary service to add a new dimension to the choice of worship within the same church:  traditional or contemporary. The service was wonderful and it is a pleasure to see the vision and dreams of the church being realized!

Keeping goals in sight, let's see how much sparkle we can leave this week!

"It's about dreaming big and doing whatever is necessary, day after day, to make those dreams come true."  -Peyton Manning

Lovin' Life in the Lowcountry,


My mission statement:  To live each day to the fullest, with excitement, enthusiasm and a strong desire to build a successful and highly respected real estate business, earned by developing relationships through consistent and predictably high work ethic of always going above and beyond, and always doing so with a creative surprise up my sleeve.