Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 2: Reno for Real

Week 2 of our home renovation included more demo, but also some of the re-build.  The floors had to be removed in the kitchen and laundry, and floor joists replaced in the crawl space.  The previous owners allowed a water leak in the kitchen from the dishwasher and a leak in the laundry room at the washing machine hook-up, to be ignored and the problem got worse over time.  By the time we bought the house, it was a mess.

During this week, the house is a total wreck, with boards, nails, dust, debris.....everywhere.  But I see progress everywhere I look.  After the walls were knocked out, and before the new sheet rock went up, we wrote our favorite Bible verses on the frame, to keep us enclosed in blessings!  

We want to help, but don't want to get in the way.  So me, my husband and son are focusing on doing what we can do.  Outside, there is a lot of yard to maintain and clean up, so we spent a lot of time outdoors.  This was also the time I needed to start picking out fixtures:  lighting, ceiling fans, faucets, sinks, tubs, tile, cabinets, name it, I picked it out.  And then I changed my mind, and picked out something else.  And then I would get a second opinion.  And then I would go back with my original choices.  It is hard to envision everything coming together when so many choices are available!  One thing that is really important to start with is the budget.  You need to know how much your contractor has in the budget for these items, and if you go over budget, you pay the difference.  I kept my notebook with me, and carried it with me everywhere I went, and that helped keep me organized.  Since I had written down every single item we needed in every room, I had a great way to keep everything straight.

I love the selections I made, and hope it all looks as good as I think it will!  We shall see!

                                                  Click to view Week 2 video

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